Live Music Service

"I've told multiple people, how much we loved having you provide the music at the event.  It was incredible and made me realize what a richness live music adds to a celebration!"  - Sara B, 2017


ceremony or worship service

"Hi Jeremy

I want to thank you again for sharing your gift with us.  It was a service that was very uplifting and refreshing to be a part of. 

Thank you again.  

Blessings in your tours!"

Michelle : ) - 2018


special Event

"Having Jeremy join our school and provide musical leadership has always been a highlight for our students and staff. His engaging, authentic and inspiring music making always creates a connection that becomes tangible. Precious memories made of "the man with the guitar".

Stephen J - 2017



"It created a warm atmosphere and one that was very much in the present moment allowing us to soak in, experience more deeply, and enjoy the fellowship of each other.  In essence, your music helped us experience and celebrate the joy of the night we were celebrating." 

Sara B - 2017